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Concrete Polishing is a method of polishing a concrete surface utilizing commercial diamond grinding equipment with various metal bond and resin bond heads to acheive a distinguished high gloss or low sheen, easy to maintain floor. This step by step process commonly implements the use of sodium, potassium, or lithium silicates to fill in and harden (densify) the surface. Concrete Polishing is quickly becoming one of the fastest and most desired methods of preparing floors in the decorative concrete industry, as well as in commercial and industrial flooring markets. Essentially, Industrial Floor Service, Inc. can use the existing beauty and natural strength of your existing slab and create a decorative, stain resistant, and low maintenance floor.

Industrial Floor Service, Inc. uses only the highest performance concrete polishing equipment and diamond and resin tooling technology available. We have the ability to utiltize this equipment to deliver a low gloss, functional and practical commercial concrete floor or a high gloss retail or showroom concrete floor. Due to the materials used and characteristics of the concrete polishing process, you will not be left with a coating that could potentially delaminate, chip, or peel over time.  The silicate densifier not only fills in the pores of the surface, but also adds strength to the cap of the concrete making the concrete surface much stronger than before. Industrial Floor Service, Inc. also offers many types of decorative concrete stains and dyes that can be applied during the concrete polishing process to provide additional color enhancement to the natural beauty of the floor.

Concrete Polishing is commonly used in applications such as warehouse and manufacturing facility floors, aisle ways, large retail floors, show rooms, and many other markets.

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