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Industrial Floor Service, Inc., a Nashville, TN based commerical and industrial flooring company, has provided commercial and industrial concrete surface preparation to clients within Tennessee and the Southeastern United States with excellent customer service and dependability for nearly 50 years. Owning and operating a high performance fleet of equipment such as blastrac shotblasters, diamond grinders and polishers, scarifiers, and crack chasers has made Industrial Floor Service, Inc. the premier source for commercial and industrial concrete surface preparation in Tennessee and the Southeastern United States. Our experienced employees and  high performance equipment gives us the great capabilities to perform preparation or coating removal of tens of thousands of square feet per day. Our equipment is commonly used for preparing warehouse and factory floors, runways,  parking decks, and more.  
BLASTRAC SHOTBLASTING - shotblasting is a dust free solution for the removal of epoxy and urethane coatings, floor treatments, carpet glue and adhesives, tile glues and adhesives, mortar beds, and much more. Shotblasting provides a perfectly profiled concrete floor allowing new epoxy or urethane coatings and overlay concrete materials to adhere or bond properly. Manufacturers of industrial epoxy or urethane coatings and overlay concrete materials traditionally recommend the surface of a concrete slab to be profiled to an even consistency of 60-80 grit sand paper. Shotblasting is widely recognized as the most accepted form of concrete preparation for the end use of high performance industrial concrete coatings. Our machines, walk behind and ride on, prepare several thousand square feet per hour.
DIAMOND GRINDING - Diamond Grinding is a widely used and economical alternative to shotblasting when scuffing or removing a previous coating prior to the application of a new epoxy or urethane coating. Our high performance diamond grinding equipment provides Industrial Floor Service, Inc. with the means to remove prior coatings, carpet glue or adhesives, or overlayments without damaging the top layer of the concrete surface. Diamond Grinding can deliver multiple levels of surface profiling with the use of various diamond tooling. Industrial Floor Service, Inc. owns and operates various types of diamond grinding equipment, such as terrazzo and planetary machines, allowing us to provide a multitude of concrete surface grinding services. 
SCARIFYING - Concrete scarifying is a faster, more aggressive method of concrete or concrete coating removal, much more so than shotblasting or diamond grinding. Scarifying utilize a pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting flails which rotate at excessive speeds chipping away at the surface of the concrete. Flails are interchangable allowing the ability to achieve different profiles for the job's specifications. Being very versatile, concrete scarifiers are used for many applications including but not limited to the removal of heavy mil coatings (such as rubber elastomeric materials, heavy mil floor tile adhesives, and heavy mil epoxy coatings). Concrete scarifiers are also excellent machines for leveling uneven concrete surfaces, such as misaligned joints causing trip hazards.

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