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Epoxies are high gloss, high build concrete coatings tradionally used as a workhorse coating in commercial and industrial applications and tend to be the foundation of most floor coating systems. Industrial Floor Service, Inc. uses many types of epoxy coatings but the two most popular are aliphatic and polyamide. Industrial Floor Service, Inc. also offers many "green" epoxy floor systems consisting of water based products.

Epoxies are commonly used in many applications such as warehouse and factory/manufacturing facility floors, aisle ways, automotive service centers, show rooms, and airplane hangars.

POLYAMIDE EPOXY - Polyamide Epoxy traditonally are higher in VOC's (volatile organic compounds) due to the amount of solvent content. These epoxies are perfect for lower traffic areas and line striping applications. Because Polyamide Epoxies contain a certain percentage of solvent, they are commonly used in low mil applications (approx. 5 mil. max per coat).

ALIPHATIC EPOXY - Aliphatic Epoxies are usually 100% solids systems that are considered neither solvent based or water based. Aliphatic Epoxies are the most commonly used due to their very low VOC content and the option to be applied in very thick or heavy mil applications. These epoxy systems are self leveling coatings used on thin or heavy mil systems, in broadcast quartz flooring applications, and as a resin base for trowel on slurry systems up to ¼”. Epoxy coatings can be used as stand along flooring systems, however, the use of urethane as a top coat is recommended when the best chemical resistance qualities are required.

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