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Quartz flooring (also known as double broadcast floors) is a completely seamless flooring system that implement the use of epoxies and urethanes, in conjunction with quartz sand. Quartz flooring systems yield a finished thickness of approximately 1/8" and an integral cove base of up to 8" inches. Quartz flooring systems are highly desired flooring systems as they provide a natural non-skid characteristic due to the implicit way the quartz sand is broadcast into the epoxy coating. The effectiveness of the non-skid aspect of a quartz floor can be increased or decreased based upon the mil thickness of the top coat urethane that is applied, as well as the amount of coats applied. A quartz floor system is available in a multitude of colors, including solid and blended color effects giving Industrial Floor Service, Inc. the ability to not only supply a fully functional floor, but also a floor that will have great decorative appeal as well.

Quartz floors are commonly used in many applications such as manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, commercial kitchens and restaurants, restrooms, and many other applications where a seamless, slip-resistant floor is necessary. 

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